Traditional Projects

Traditional Projects
The Deer Hunter
This rite of passage became a fascination of mine when I married into a family of native Kentuckians. On the surface, it appears to be about guns, killing, and alcohol. In truth, this weeklong tradition is a proving ground of manhood as well as an annual retreat for male solidarity, meditation, and providing for their families. This series strives to present a portrait of an honored tradition and kinship that most will never come to know.

Hunting and masculinity have always been linked. The buck hunter is the epitome of a masculine mystique. By day he takes to the woods and isolates himself from the world to sit in wait for the next meal to appear. He becomes one with nature, understand his surroundings and prepared to take his prey. At night he gathers with his tribe of fellow hunters to celebrate the day’s hunt. All political correctness is set aside allowing them to share their tall tales, harass one another, and deal with their own life conflicts.

Cincinnati Street Photography

Every year I decide to do a project along side my students. It inspires them to see their professor doing the same thing they are and encourages them to take their work the next level. 

For this project I took a group of students up to Cincinnati to do do street photography for the day. I enjoyed the opportunity to work on my own street photography techniques; something that comes hard to me since I was taught as a commercial photography to have more control of my subject. 

 Cincinnati has a wonderful little Downtown area that is alive during the work day and on game days. Come in during the weekend or many evenings and it feels much like many other US cities, deserted. When it is alive it has the energy of a major city with the personality of a smaller town. 

 The greatest advantage of street photography is to get the opportunity to enjoy the people of that given city and experience their daily lives. 

Black Friday

Once a year American consumers go crazy trying to save a couple of dollars during the annual tradition of Black Friday shopping. As the economy has suffered, consumers have gone further out of their way to save a buck. What I found was nothing short of astonishing; people waiting in long lines, camping out, and fighting for limited supplies.

Greedy consumerism at its best and worst.